Team Building Exercises Through Escape Rooms

We all know how important internships can be for gaining experience in your chosen field or building a resume. But interns can also make great contributions to the companies they work for. And just like your regular employees, they can benefit from corporate team building.

Did you realize that over 60% of interns surveyed in a 2015 study had been working for the same company for five years? Either they chose to return for multiple internships or they sought full-time employment with the organization that they interned with. That means today’s intern could very well be a part of your team for many years to come. Don’t wait until they’re “official” employees to involve them in corporate team building.

Escape room games are a great way to help interns feel like a part of your work family. They’ll learn about your corporate culture, learn to communicate and collaborate with their peers, and experience increased morale. All of these things contribute to a positive impression of your company—and may lead you to employees who’ll help your company reach new levels of success in the future. Book your session today!

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