Which one are you? Here is a list of the 5 type of people you might meet at an escape room.

So, you and your friends have decided that this night out you will go play an escape game. You don’t question your ability to escape after all, they are your best friends and you are certain that you make a great team! The high pressure of an escape room tends to bring out the true colors of people so here is a list of the 5 types of people you could see in an escape room game:

1. The Leader

The team leader is the person who keeps everyone in line and makes sure that their team players stay focused. This role is filled by someone who has great leader and communication skills and could play a role in the outcome of the game. Other participants can benefit from the leader because they can encourage everyone to be involved.

2. The Explorer

This participant is a great asset to the team because of their awesome searching skills! They can find everything and can be described as the person in the group who will open every drawer, flip through every piece of paper, try every lock, and even attempt to look between the walls. He or she is needed to solve the clues but this type can cause some tension among the group because they could limit the opportunities of other players of having a chance to participate. Regardless, great type of person to have in your group!

3. The Observer

The observer does not get enough credit! Normally they are viewed as the type of player who is quiet and don’t seem to be too involved as the rest of the team is. They could be seen walking around staring at the ceiling or the doors and not as aggressive as the rest. Don’t underestimate the observer because despite of their causal tendencies, they are listening to every word being said, and could just surprise everyone and help you escape!

4. The Over-Thinker

The over-thinker begins their hunt for clues before the game even starts! They are extremely detailed and will make note of every sign, key, or anything out of the ordinary that could be used as a clue. Time management is not their strong suit but despite this, their different way of thinking can help identify things that the others might miss.

5. The Aggressor

One word…. Determined! This person has one goal in mind and that is to escape! At times, they can be pushy or direct and could cause some complications because they are pumped with adrenaline and will escape at any cost. However, they can maintain a clear goal, entertain the group when they are running around frantically, but beware, they can leave more of a mess than help.

Which one do you think you are? Come find out at Time Masterz!!! Book online before you miss your slot!

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