Frequently asked questions

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1. How much are tickets?

On regular days, our ticket prices are:

  • $25 per adult

  • children ages 13 and under are $20

  • and anyone 5 or under are always free.


We do offer stimulus Tuesdays and everyone is $15 except for children 5 years old and under which are still free. We also offer discounts depending on the holiday or special occasion. Check out our booking page to purchase your tickets.


Keep up with our social media and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest events and promotions from Time Masterz Escape Rooms. We do offer discounts for schools and corporate groups. Please see below.

2. What should I wear / bring?

We strongly recommend that all of our adventurers wear loose-fitting comfortable clothing and closed-toed or tennis shoes. There are uneven floors and low ceilings in some of our games so don't wear anything that would obstruct your field of vision. If you wear glasses or contacts, please bring them with you as some of the lighting in the rooms may make it harder to see. We just want to make sure that everyone stays safe and has fun.

3. Will you be accepting walk-ins or cash?

No and no, Time Masterz Escape Rooms will NOT be accepting cash and our rooms are by appointment ONLY.

4. Can we book the whole room? If we do, will we get a discount?

Yes, customers can definitely book out an entire room with us! It's always nice to play with your friends, family members and co-workers and figure out puzzles together as a team. We do offer a 10% discount if you book the entire room. Come celebrate with us for your next special event or just bring your friends. 

***Field Trips and School Activities

All of our games are family friendly and safe for younger audiences (ages 12-18). We recommend these age ranges because of the difficulty levels of some of our puzzles. If you would like to book a field trip for your students, please call our Marketing Director at (956)622-7242.

***Corporate/Company Events and Team Building

We also offer Team Building Skills so companies can book entire rooms for their employees and get a discount as well. For corporate events, please call our Marketing Director at (956)622-7242.

5. Are you open all year round?

We plan on being open all year round with the exception of certain holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. We also will be offering seasonal discounts for different times of the year such as Valentine's Day, Christmas and Back to School.


Check out our social media sites for our latest promotions and special offers and don't forget to like, share and tag your friends! Our seasonal promos will be posted there first!

6. Are the rooms scary?

Time Masterz Escape Rooms is a family business and we ensure that all of our games are kid and family friendly. This is why we offer the option to book an entire room so that you can work through the game as a family, class or group of co-workers. None of our rooms are "scary". We focus more on action and adventure in our designs when we build our rooms. Discounts are available for booking an entire room so book today here!

7. How many people can the room hold?

At this time, the Queen Anne's Revenge can hold 10 people comfortably and our Time Travelerz room can hold 12 comfortably. We can make exceptions for slightly larger groups of up to 13 - 14 but those situations would have to be booked with a Time Masterz representative either over the phone or in person. The Full Room Discount would still be applied at 10%.

8. What are your hours of operation?

We are open by appointment only. Please check our Book Online page for availability.


9. How does Time Masterz Escape Rooms give back to the community?

As a local and family-owned business we recognize the importance of our community. That's why we host annual Food Drives every holiday season. Keep up with our social sites to find out this years' dates so that you can help us end hunger in the RGV. 

10. What holidays will Time Masterz be closed?

Time Masterz will be closed every Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day all day. Other holidays may be appointment only situations. Keep up with our social sites to get any important announcements. 



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